ÜFABO Enterprises

training firm of the HAK Neumarkt

About us

The ÜFABO Enterprises GmbH is an international training company of the Hak Neumarkt where our employees use their gained school knowledge to run our business. We sell electronics needed for the office, but also office supplies.

Now to the individual departments:

The accounting department books invoices and our sales department sells products. We also have a purchasing department. The department human resources is paying our employees. We have a payment transaction department which handles everything that has to do with money. The quality management is responsible for a certification. The Secretary's task is to organize everything. Lastly we have the department international trade fair which manages the registration of our company at a virtual trade fair.

"We have the solution to your problems."


our team

Our Team


ÜFABO Enterprises GmbH
Übungsfirma der BHAK Neumarkt
Moserkellergasse 15
5202 Neumarkt a. Wallersee

Tel. +43 1 532 29 78
Fax +43 1 532 29 78 18

UID-Nr.: ATU70033733
Internationale FB-Nr: 337
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